Monday, April 1, 2013


Hey Family :)
What a good week in Odenton. I seriously love it here so much and i love the people more and more every day! I sometimes think to myself that I am having WAY to much fun as a missionary. But it is true! I really love Sister Long. We have so much in common and we laugh all day long. Heavenly Father has blessed me so much, I have been able to be so positive out here. Even on the days I know are obviously hard I cannot help but feel so incredibly happy! Thank you for the Easter lovin :) I am going to admit that all my candy is gone. heard me. gone. haha I loved it! Getting the little comments from facebook in the eggs was fun. I have so many awesome family members and friends! I really did love it mom. I got a package from grandma too that was super cute. This week we had the car so we had the chance to go out to a place called crownsville in our area. It is a bunch of small towns lining the chesapeake bay. My favorite is Herald Harbor, Its just a bunch of cute houses with porch swings looking out on a harbor with tons of sail boats. and there are soo many trees. It is really so pretty :). We met a new investigator this week. His name is Jean. He is from Africa, moved to France, and is now here in Maryland. Its kind of a cool story he was getting in his car and sister long just felt like she needed to go talk to him. so we went and knocked on the window of his car and scared him half to death haha but he told us to come back the next day at one... so we did...and he wasn't home. NO SHOCK! haha it happens alot. But we were walking up Chapelgate later that day and a car pulled over, my first reaction was oh no great what is going to happen, but we realized it was Jean. He apologized for not being home and gave us his number to meet up with him. We taught him twice this week. once about the restoration and we even gave him a book of mormon (which he is reading). He was super confused why god made good people go through bad things and just couldn't get past it. I remembered a movie called mountains to climb that I had him watch. The spirit was so strong. Ya'll should watch it :) He came to church on Sunday which made Easter that much better, and he really liked it alot. He even stayed for all three hours and that is saying alot if they have a car they could leave in! (most of our investigators don't have cars). Jandelle and Miss KIm are still progressing and are scheduled to be baptized on the 20th :) I love the people so much!!
We eat about half at home and half at members. The members here are incredible and do so much missionary work! Everyone get on that at home :) (invite the missionaries to dinner, give them referrals, and go out and teach with them. Be the awesome members that the missionaries love.) But ya we are super blessed in that way. We haven't had to many scary meals but we have had a ton of meat. It has definantly taken its toll on my stomach so I am gonna try hard to stay away from it. It really has made me sick. haha and as I am typing this i am remembering the member that is feeding us tonight told us we were having frog legs sooo that should be interesting. We had a training meeting this week so I got to see SISTER BEETON. Gosh dang it i love her so much. She is doing really good :). The weather is super nice today which is good since we are walking again. We have been busy today we had a zone activity so that is why we are emailing a little later. But I love all of you so much. keep the letters and encouragment coming. ALSO I can email all friends now so put my email on my blog. I had to wait to make sure from the mission president but it is definantly okay now :) Watch conference and read your scriptures every night. I love you!
Lovin from Odenton,
Sister Fullmer
p.s. Sister Long is teaching me how to beat box. Yeah, we are pretty cool ;)

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