Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey family and friends :) I just wanted to say hello. I hope everyone saw the missionary devotional last night! what an awesome time to be full time missionaries and member missionaries :) I just wanted to share a funny and awkward experience from the week... do you know the saying "fill the canteen before you leave for the desert"? well it IS NOT a desert. I got  kissed this week! yes you heard me haha. We got to our dinner appointment  with a member a little early the other night and so we decided we would walk around and get to know some of the neighbors. we knocked on this door and we were talking to this man and he was way nice, not interested, but nice. while we were talking his son came running down the stairs and put his arm around me and sister anderson. he had a few special needs and you could tell it was hard for him. we were talking to him a little and then his dad said he needed to go inside...well he turned and gave me a hug. we arent' supposed to hug men but i wasn't about ready to push this poor kid. And then he proceeded to kiss me...and I am not just talking a peck either. what an experience. definantly a moment from my mission that I will never forget haha. I love you all!
I hope you are ready to work hard. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints needs member missionaries :) It is not only a calling but a duty. Following Jesus Christ is not just a casual part time commitment. Its full-time fun! Find the missionaries and introduce them to a friend. I promise if you do it out of love, everything will be okay.
Feel Loved all the way from Wild, Wonderful, WV
                                                             My First attempt at Lasagna

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hey family and friends :)!
I just wanted to say Hello from Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia. Wow. What a cool place. I was so nervous when I first got transferred that I would be eating squirrell or "possum stew" but thank goodness we haven't had anything like it. I don't think my little vegetarian stomach could handle possum...they are so cute. The area I am in is Shepardstown WV. It is the oldest town in WV and has alot of civil war history. Its like historic 25th in ogden X's 1000. It is also a college town. Home to a very liberal arts school. We live right across the street from campus. Most of the kids went home for the summer but we have been able to meet 8 new investigators this week! Shep-town is home to a very different breed. HARD CORE hippees. barefoot and bearded I can handle, but they literally eat the grass- I am not kidding. They bend down and eat grass. lets talk about culture shock. My mom is nervous It is going to bring out the real me. I am going to be am I. I love it here so much.
Down town there is alot of live music and there is even a cupcake shop. yes!
As much as I have missed Odenton I have loved it here. There are alot of single sisters in the ward and we have been so busy visiting everyone!
I do want to share a miracle from my last area however.
Working with members is just as important as working with non members.
I have talked alot about the Denney's and how awesome they are at doing there member missionary work. Well we paired them with Kim B. to be her fellowshipper. At first it didn't make a whole lot of sense because they are not close in age at all. but after time things began to unfold. The Denney's have never been able to have kids and now are adopting Kim's grandson and grand daughter :) they are so excited! Miracles happen. My last night in that area brother denny text me and thanked me for serving a mission and for introducing him to Kim. He said that it had changed his life. That right there,

made all the hard days in Odenton worth it. I am so thankful to have served in that area and to have met the Denny's. I will always remember them. And I will always be friends with them.
Love sister Fullmer

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hey mom and dad! This week my email time is going to be very very limited haha. This town is so small but I love it. I feel like I am living in a fairy tale. its an old historic town called shepardstown. There is a small university here ( a liberal arts school) and we have been able to get to know alot of college aged kids. Downtown is like historic 25th street times 100. it is soo cute! we dont have an actual mail box outside of our apartment but our address is 8348 Martinsburg Pike #1 Sheppardstown WV 25443 PO box 2043. We get to walk down to the post office everyday to get the mail and next to the library is the town bakery with the BIGGEST cupcakes ever haha. we got one the other day and it was so good. The library has three rows of books and two computers with a half an hour limit. I am hoping we can find somewhere better to emial next week.
So we are basically starting a new area.  There were only two names in the area book. There are two towns in the Martinsburg ward. Martinsburg and sheppardstown. The elders are living in martinsburg and have not really ever came down to sheppardstown. The members however are so excited we are here. we are treated like we are celebrities haha. The women especially. there are alot of single women /widowed women in this ward. we met with the bishop the other night and he gave us the challenge of finding his replacement in shep town! Not an easy task haha. We have been so blessed however. we met 5 new investigators this week! and we even had an investigator at church on sunday. I really think that strengthened the trust of the ward to have them see us working hard! Our apartment is so nice. i feel spoiled rotten. We are in a car area so like i said...i feel spoiled rotten. I didn't realize how hard core we were in Odenton.
I love this area! It just fits me so well. I dont know how to describe it. Its very artsy. all of the trees on mainstreet are covered in yarn looks sweet. and across the street is "the wall" where all the  college kids hang out at night and play there guitars haha. and where we preach the gospel. sorry this isn't very long. there isn't a thing where I can send pictures so I will send home my sd card this week since we are going to the library every day now.
I love you all!
Love sister fullmer

Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey Friends and Family!
I just wanted to share my favorite miracle with you from the week! We were down on Cadbury Dr. the other night and we started talking to Tanesha's little sister Breann. She is about 22. We were just getting to know her and her boyfriend and we were standing there for awhile. I kept thinking that we were being super disobedient because we weren't talking about anything to do with the gospel, but I just kept feeling prompted that we needed to stay! about 30 mins later she started to tell us about a dream she had. She told us that she has had it multiple times and every time she has had it she hasn't wanted to wake up. In her dream she sees Jesus coming down from heaven with hundreds of angels standing behind him blowing trumpets and that the sky is full of clouds that are purple, and blue....sound familiar? haha well it did to me too. Before i left I bought a bunch of small pictures to stick into my scriptures and one of them was the picture of the 2nd coming when Christ is coming down from the clouds! I pulled it out and showed it to her and she just started crying. She said it was the exact same picture she had seen in her dream! She ran right inside to show her mom. it was so cool :) The spirit was so strong! She is now meeting with us to take the lessons!
I just wanted to encourage all of you this week to be BOLD! Share your testimony on facebook or send it in a text to a friend. We have been so blessed to have the opportunity to share our testimony in so many ways! I promise that if you do this, you will have a miracle. That in someway somewhere what you say will hit somebody and be exactly what they need. I love you all and the support!
I am being transferred out to Martinsburg West Virgina, so I wont have the address at Scots Manor any longer!
 these little girls love trying on our name tags. This was at the Denney's house for FHE with kim.
love ya, Sister Fullmer