Monday, April 15, 2013


Hey Everyone :)
WOW! What a crazy week! So it all started with a zone training out in annapolis on Tuesday and that night I got to go out for an exchange in Kent Island!! I was out there for 48 hours. Man, it is so beautiful. It was neat for me to be in a different area and be able to recognize how much the spirit really works through me and others. I witnessed so many miracles out there for such a short time. I went out with a sister named sister logue and her companion stayed in Odenton with Sister Long. The first night we went to a less actives home for dinner. Sister Logue warned me it probably wasn't going to happen and that she has never let them in her home. Well...we got there...and she did. We had steak of course ;) yummmmy. Anyways..this less active has lost her son a few years ago in an accident where he was hit by a car. She has been very depressed. We talked alot about faith in the atonement with her, the spirit was just pounding. out of the blue I just felt so impressed to tell her that her son who died at 15 was doing missionary work on the other side in the spirit world. She was silent and broke down into tears I was a little nervous at first I was afraid I had offended her but I continued to not say anything and just let the spirit speak. she finally looked up at me and said thank you. she said that right before her son died she had the missionaries at the time over for family home evening. She explained how they had planned a whole lesson but at the last minute they told her they decided they felt super impressed to talk about missionary work with her son! That was just a few days before he died. What a miracle. She was so touched and she knew it was an answer to her prayers. It was truley a beautiful moment and we could all feel her son watching over her. She told us she was ready to give up smoking and wants to go through the temple to receive her endowments and prepare her sons name to have his work done. We also went and saw another less active that has never let them in before. She let us in! She was this awesome hippee lady haha. She is super into holistic healing/ natural eating and such and I talked to her about my back haha she made me this herbal salve too! But what was really neat was earlier this week I had studied alot abou the word of wisdom and how so many members just brush it off because they dont have a problem with smoking or drinking etc etc. I realized while studying that it is so much more than that! More than half of D and C 89 is about eating healthy! I was able to share with her a few things I had learned and it was cool to see how the lord really prepared me to talk to her that night.
She was touched and thought what I had studied was super neat! ....everyone at home. TAKE THE WORD OF WISDOM SERIOUSLY. haha take care of your bodies eat healthy foods, excercise, get enought sleep. Our bodies are a precious gift so we need to take care of them.
I came home to a construction zone haha they had ripped the ceilings off in our apartment because we are having such a hard time with the pipes leaking. We are currently living at a members home. Her husband is deployed so it works out perfectly. She is taking us out to annapolis today to see the harbor!! I can't wait! we also started riding our bikes this week which has been fun. My bum is sore. We used the subway card so thank you! I was also wondering if you could send me out that extra GPS we talked about, my Sperry shoes that i got at graduation and some more of my pills.
I am so excited for tomorrow! Even though I am across the country I will be there with you guys when grandpa gets set apart :) I have smiling all week because of it.
We had five investigators at church yesterday! MIss Kim is praying really hard about being baptized this sunday! We hope she gets there and we have 2 other baptisms scheduled for the 27th! we jsut want to make sure they are truley ready to be baptized for themselves and not just for us. We are taking Jean and Jandell to the temple visitors center this week which should be awesome and they both are progressing so well! Thank you for sending out the talk and the quote from confrerence I am definantly going to print them out and use them.
Have fun in Moab! send me some pictures and I will send the SD card home tomorrow! Love you all and read your scriptures :)
Love, Sister Fullmer
 No Car this week
Mission Apartment has some leaky pipes

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