Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey Family and Friends :)

It sounds like you all had a really good week. Moab I am sure was lots of fun, it sounds super exhausting haha. Ash! awesome job at the track meet, I hope you do it in high school so I can watch. I got your letter this week, and I am hoping I will have time to write back. Thank you I hadn't gotten any mail all week so i really needed that to cheer me up haha. Its always good to have a letter from someone to motivate ya throughout the day. I was going to send my SD card home last week but I couldn't find the new one. but I found it so I will send it home today ....I promise. How was grandpas preisthood ordination I was praying all day that everything went well. How are you Kade? I haven't heard from ya haha write me a letter sometime.
So I found out this morning that I am staying here in Odenton but I will be training!! Man. I am so nervous. But I have praying super hard since I found out that I will be able to have peace and that I will feel confident. Pray for me extra hard this week and my new companion that all will go well and that she will have a easy time adjusting. I can't beleive she is at the MTC right now just like I was a month ago. I remember feeling so nervous about who my new companion would be. I am excited I get to train someone and help them just like Sister Long helped me. I will miss Sis Long a ton. She is awesome and we have had some really good times together.
Annapolis was so fun. I can't wait for you all to see the pictures that I took when you get my card in the mail. It was absolutley beautiful! The spring here is gorgeous. We were on bikes this week and it actually was a ton of fun haha. I am gonna have buns of steel. I did have to buy a GPS today at the store so I can't navigate until the one you sent out gets here. I will just have to return the one I bought. And I had to get a new skirt that is easy to ride bikes in. So maybe just check my balance for me and deposit some in if needed.
We were able to take Jean and Jandell out to the temple visitors center this last week. It was incredible and the spirit was so strong. I have learned out here that not everyone is going to be the 3 week miracle convert you hear about. It takes real conversion. I don't want these people to just go less active as soon as they have been baptized. But this Saturday we have a baptism at 2 for Miss Kim. She is so excited :). and then for Jean at 7:30. Keep them in your prayers. I know this week satan will do everything in his power to get them to be tempted. so pray hard for them that may have strength. We are helping miss kim try on the baptism suits tonight so I am really excited :)
I love you all. Keep me in your prayers this week and send me a line of encouragment or your testimony or ANYTHING haha. I will need it. I love you!
Sister Fullmer

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