Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey Family :) how is easter break? I have been looking forward to emailing you all. So today we got the car back! I am not sure if i mentioned that we share if every other week, so my bum is getting extra tight haha. We have to walk a road like 1050 like 4 times a day. Sister Long hasn't gotten a bike yet so we walk EVERYWHERE. But ya we got the car back but his morning we woke up to snow! people here are super dramatic haha it was like maybe a foot and I am pretty sure school got canceled and everyone is home from work. But because it snowed we aren't allowed to drive the car so we just walked like 20 minutes to the library to email haha I am sure I look like a drowned rat!
Thankfully no more super interesting dinners! That family keeps signing up for dinner and we dont know what to do haha we don't wanna go back.
I am super glad the Foutz's called you :) I was excited when they got my information so they could contact you guys. They spoke in our ward and did such an awesome job. Don't worry I am being safe haha. Alot of the people we teach...actually all of the people...are african american. We are teaching a lady named Miss Kim. She is such a sweet lady. The other day it got stormy out while we were walking and she made me wear her coat and gloves home. and when we leave her house late she has us call her to make sure we made it home safe. I bet you like hearing all of this mom :) She keeps us safe. Miss Kim said her first prayer with us the other day. Such a moving moment. It wasn't long or fancy but she talked to God. And that is ALL that matters. She also has comitted to working towards being baptized on April 13th. She has this cute grandson named Aiden that I took a picture with to send home. She is sooo cute. He even has a baby fro.
We are also teaching this 18 year old girl named Jandell. She is super sweet and really needs a friend. ( she just moved here) When we taught her about the restoration and about how we need that preisthood authority to baptize she paused and said...yeah that makes sense. I have always felt like the guy didn't do it right anyways. ...Wow! She made our job easy haha. she also is working towards being baptized on the 13th. She does work at starbucks though and we havent taught the Word of Wisdom yet so this could get interesting. '
The family we wanted to take to the temple...well some things have happened and we are learning a bit more about the situation. We have decided to take a few days from them and let the mom work through some things. The family situations are horrible hear. I cry multiple times for these sweet kids that are brought up in such sad situations.

Kade :) I am glad you liked the missionary activity. I can see a really small photo over on the side of you in a name tag! I like it! Hang it up somewhere you can see to help you remember everyday to work towards getting to wear it every day. Also, I know scriptures are hard. But I am challenging you to read the Book of Mormon before I get home. I k now as you do you will learn to love the scriptures. I have became quite attached to my Book of Mormon.
I am glad you are liking track ash :) I bet you will break some records! Keep working hard but remember to spend time with family too. I look back to junior high and high school and that is one of the things I regret is not spending as much time as I could have with you guys.
I hope you all have fun in provo! and have a fun easter :) study some scriptures about Easter together this year to make it special.
LOVE all the way from Odenton Maryland
Sister Fullmer

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