Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hey family and friends :)
So this week I am not gonna lie was kind of slow. We have four progressing investigators that are doing great and working towards baptism :)! We don't have many other investigators at this time though so we started to have to tract alot ( we call it spirtiual knocking because tracting just sounds like a very boring word haha ). I am telling ya if the members would just give us referrals life as a missionary would automatically become alot easier. GIVE THE MISSIONARIES IN OUR WARD REFERRALS! Seriously have the goal to always have a referral in mind whenever you see the missionaries. Invite them over for dinner and continue to offer to go with them to teach! There is nothing better than to have members at the lesson, or better yet having the lessons in members homes. The spirit is automatically there and the member always ends up saying something that the missionaries never have thought of that really impact the investigator.
CATCH THE WAVE OF MISSIONARY WORK. Nothing will make you happier than to be able to share the gospel with friends and family. I think it was interesting in conference how they stressed that so much. so catch that wave and never ever get off.
Miss Kim is working towards being baptized April 20th which is right around the corner and one of our newest investigators, Jean, is as well. Both were ablle to come to conference and enjoy the words and the spirit that the prophets bring. It was soo good. Conference out here is better than any christmas I have ever had. I was so excited all week and it definantly was needed after such a slow and exhausting week. We were able to watch it at the church, although most members watched it in there homes. It was fun to be with the other missionaries from our district and to get to know them better!
What did you guys think of conference? Man the speakers were SO bold! it was great. I loved hearing about how to strengthen homes and familes. I know with out a doubt that being on my mission is preparing me better to have a strong home and family in some of the crazy times yet to come. I have learned so much of what I want for my future home and family ( good thing I have always had a good example of that)
One thing that Richard G Scott said really stood out to me " prayer, scripture study, and family home evening, should be the weight bearing beams in a christ centered home" I loved that! I also really liked the talk by Stanley G Ellis...WE ARE NOT SPIRITUAL ORPHANS! how comforing to know that we have a heavenly father and mother who loves us so individually and perfectly. We are of divine design! We are special to him. Christ is not just show us A way. He showed us THE way. "NOthing will startle us more than to realize whenb we pass throught the veil how well we know are Heavenly Father and how well we recognize HIs face."
I love you all so much I hope you really enjoyed conference as much as I did. I pray for you all every night and I hope that you will really be good member missionaries. That is what this church needs..right now! Paint that "missionary badge" apon your heart and never ever take it off!
I am glad Kaden and dad were ablle to go to preisthood session! and way to go for taking grant with you. Look at ya Kader, already doing missionary work!
I am sorry to hear about grandma great. make sure you tell her everytime you see her how much I love here. I can feel her love from clear over here in maryland.
I am glady ashie is having a fun time working! When I get back she owes me a free snow cone hahah. Don't flirt with too many boys there ash ;)
I hope you all are safe this week and dad will be safe out on his business trip.
I love it here and I love the people so much! I love them with every bit of me I have to offer. Everything I do must and always be centered around my love for them. Everytime they are sad i feel that and everytime they have joy I feel that too. I never thought I would love the people like I do.
I love you so much!
SIster Fullmer

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