Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey family and friends :) I just wanted to say hello. I hope everyone saw the missionary devotional last night! what an awesome time to be full time missionaries and member missionaries :) I just wanted to share a funny and awkward experience from the week... do you know the saying "fill the canteen before you leave for the desert"? well it IS NOT a desert. I got  kissed this week! yes you heard me haha. We got to our dinner appointment  with a member a little early the other night and so we decided we would walk around and get to know some of the neighbors. we knocked on this door and we were talking to this man and he was way nice, not interested, but nice. while we were talking his son came running down the stairs and put his arm around me and sister anderson. he had a few special needs and you could tell it was hard for him. we were talking to him a little and then his dad said he needed to go inside...well he turned and gave me a hug. we arent' supposed to hug men but i wasn't about ready to push this poor kid. And then he proceeded to kiss me...and I am not just talking a peck either. what an experience. definantly a moment from my mission that I will never forget haha. I love you all!
I hope you are ready to work hard. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints needs member missionaries :) It is not only a calling but a duty. Following Jesus Christ is not just a casual part time commitment. Its full-time fun! Find the missionaries and introduce them to a friend. I promise if you do it out of love, everything will be okay.
Feel Loved all the way from Wild, Wonderful, WV
                                                             My First attempt at Lasagna

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