Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hey family and friends :) What a roller coaster week! We had a bomb week last week and killed it with our key indicators. BUT we started to think about it and none of our investigators are really the real growth kind. and that is our focus! we need kingdom builders! So we did it. we cleaned out our area book and ended up dropping almost all of the people we were teaching because they just weren't progressing. it was so scary and I don't think I have ever felt that vulnerable on my mission. I mean teeaching becomes your life on your mission and when you don't have people to teach it becomes a tad bit scary. BUT heavenly father blessed us with 5 new investigators the day after we had dropped so many! First off is Joy. she is a mother of two and her little girl turns eight today :) she is very interested in religon. The other is a family. YES you heard me...a family :) I can hardly hold it in. A family of 6. They are very very interested and so excited to haveus over. They are currently looking for the "true church" welll....we are hoping we can help them with that. There daughter is going to girls camp with our ward this week! what a blessing! the ward just jupmped on the idea and did everything they could to make it happen. Keep praying for us and this area. It is ALL about REAL GROWTH :)
My favorite part about this past week was...well..we got a cactus from a member last night. It is prettycute and adds a little flavor to the apartment haha. And today we are going fishing on the Potomac River!
I really learned this week that when life gets hard you just have to keep going. It was the hardest week of my entire mission BUT I know Heavenly Father will bless us for being obedient and keeping a positive attitude.
Love you all
Sister Fullmer

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