Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hey mom and dad! This week my email time is going to be very very limited haha. This town is so small but I love it. I feel like I am living in a fairy tale. its an old historic town called shepardstown. There is a small university here ( a liberal arts school) and we have been able to get to know alot of college aged kids. Downtown is like historic 25th street times 100. it is soo cute! we dont have an actual mail box outside of our apartment but our address is 8348 Martinsburg Pike #1 Sheppardstown WV 25443 PO box 2043. We get to walk down to the post office everyday to get the mail and next to the library is the town bakery with the BIGGEST cupcakes ever haha. we got one the other day and it was so good. The library has three rows of books and two computers with a half an hour limit. I am hoping we can find somewhere better to emial next week.
So we are basically starting a new area.  There were only two names in the area book. There are two towns in the Martinsburg ward. Martinsburg and sheppardstown. The elders are living in martinsburg and have not really ever came down to sheppardstown. The members however are so excited we are here. we are treated like we are celebrities haha. The women especially. there are alot of single women /widowed women in this ward. we met with the bishop the other night and he gave us the challenge of finding his replacement in shep town! Not an easy task haha. We have been so blessed however. we met 5 new investigators this week! and we even had an investigator at church on sunday. I really think that strengthened the trust of the ward to have them see us working hard! Our apartment is so nice. i feel spoiled rotten. We are in a car area so like i said...i feel spoiled rotten. I didn't realize how hard core we were in Odenton.
I love this area! It just fits me so well. I dont know how to describe it. Its very artsy. all of the trees on mainstreet are covered in yarn stuff...it looks sweet. and across the street is "the wall" where all the  college kids hang out at night and play there guitars haha. and where we preach the gospel. sorry this isn't very long. there isn't a thing where I can send pictures so I will send home my sd card this week since we are going to the library every day now.
I love you all!
Love sister fullmer

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