Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey Friends and Family!
I just wanted to share my favorite miracle with you from the week! We were down on Cadbury Dr. the other night and we started talking to Tanesha's little sister Breann. She is about 22. We were just getting to know her and her boyfriend and we were standing there for awhile. I kept thinking that we were being super disobedient because we weren't talking about anything to do with the gospel, but I just kept feeling prompted that we needed to stay! about 30 mins later she started to tell us about a dream she had. She told us that she has had it multiple times and every time she has had it she hasn't wanted to wake up. In her dream she sees Jesus coming down from heaven with hundreds of angels standing behind him blowing trumpets and that the sky is full of clouds that are purple, and blue....sound familiar? haha well it did to me too. Before i left I bought a bunch of small pictures to stick into my scriptures and one of them was the picture of the 2nd coming when Christ is coming down from the clouds! I pulled it out and showed it to her and she just started crying. She said it was the exact same picture she had seen in her dream! She ran right inside to show her mom. it was so cool :) The spirit was so strong! She is now meeting with us to take the lessons!
I just wanted to encourage all of you this week to be BOLD! Share your testimony on facebook or send it in a text to a friend. We have been so blessed to have the opportunity to share our testimony in so many ways! I promise that if you do this, you will have a miracle. That in someway somewhere what you say will hit somebody and be exactly what they need. I love you all and the support!
I am being transferred out to Martinsburg West Virgina, so I wont have the address at Scots Manor any longer!
 these little girls love trying on our name tags. This was at the Denney's house for FHE with kim.
love ya, Sister Fullmer

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