Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hey family and friends :)!
I just wanted to say Hello from Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia. Wow. What a cool place. I was so nervous when I first got transferred that I would be eating squirrell or "possum stew" but thank goodness we haven't had anything like it. I don't think my little vegetarian stomach could handle possum...they are so cute. The area I am in is Shepardstown WV. It is the oldest town in WV and has alot of civil war history. Its like historic 25th in ogden X's 1000. It is also a college town. Home to a very liberal arts school. We live right across the street from campus. Most of the kids went home for the summer but we have been able to meet 8 new investigators this week! Shep-town is home to a very different breed. HARD CORE hippees. barefoot and bearded I can handle, but they literally eat the grass- I am not kidding. They bend down and eat grass. lets talk about culture shock. My mom is nervous It is going to bring out the real me. I am going to be am I. I love it here so much.
Down town there is alot of live music and there is even a cupcake shop. yes!
As much as I have missed Odenton I have loved it here. There are alot of single sisters in the ward and we have been so busy visiting everyone!
I do want to share a miracle from my last area however.
Working with members is just as important as working with non members.
I have talked alot about the Denney's and how awesome they are at doing there member missionary work. Well we paired them with Kim B. to be her fellowshipper. At first it didn't make a whole lot of sense because they are not close in age at all. but after time things began to unfold. The Denney's have never been able to have kids and now are adopting Kim's grandson and grand daughter :) they are so excited! Miracles happen. My last night in that area brother denny text me and thanked me for serving a mission and for introducing him to Kim. He said that it had changed his life. That right there,

made all the hard days in Odenton worth it. I am so thankful to have served in that area and to have met the Denny's. I will always remember them. And I will always be friends with them.
Love sister Fullmer

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  1. Sister Fullmer, I love reading your blog. I am so excited for you and the sucess you are seeing. Thanks for sharing your testimony!