Wednesday, October 30, 2013


"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:
Who, when he had found one pearl of great price went and sold all that he had, and bought it."
I have been thinking a ton about this scripture this week and what is means to be a consecrated missionary. Even more than that and for everyone reading this, what is means to be a consecrated person. I remember a story my institute teacher told me last year around this time. In the story a young girl decides she wants a string of pearls just like her mom. Her parents tell her that if she saves up all of her pennies that they will take her to go buy her pearls. She works and works and saves up ALL of her pennies! And her parents kept there promise. They took her down to the nearest dollar store and proudly the little girl bought her new treasure. She wore them every day! While she played! While she swam! and even in the tub. Every night when the little girls dad would tuck her in he would ask if she loved him. She would respond of course daddy, of course I love you! And he would reply ...then give me your pearls. Oh No! She would say. Not my pearls. But can have my favorite doll.
The process of this happened over and over and the girl had about given everything in her room to him. One night the father walked in and saw her crying by her bed with something in her hands. He asked what was wrong. She looked at him and said daddy! I love you. so here are my pearls.

She gave them up! She worked so hard! But she gave it all up! When she did this out of the back pocket of the father came a brand new, real set of pearls. Nothing fake or imitation. Nothing cheap or easy to buy. But the Pearls of great price.
Our Heavenly Father asks us the same question. And many of us respond in the same way...well...I love you but not that much. I will give you my Sundays, I will give you my scripture study, and prayers...but not my pearls. Not my imitation pearls. How silly of us when what he has is that pearl of great price! He is willing to give us more than we can imagine we ...easier said than done... just have to learn to consecrate ourselves.
So...give it all up. Everything unworthy, or worldly. Give it up! And in return you will receive so much more. You will receive that pearl of great price.
I love you all :) We had a fantastic week here. We have been working a ton with less actives and had 4 more of our brothers and sisters in sacrament meeting this week!  Keep praying for us that we may find those who are ready to here and act upon the gospel.

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