Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First MTC Letter

Hey fam :) So today is Saturday. So all the missionaries here can have P days are P days are on random days of the week. Mine will be on Saturdays :) I have loved the MTC so far. It has been like a little bit of heaven. Are district is SOOO fun! We are all going to Baltimore and we all get along so great. We all eat together and have tons of fun :) My companions name is Sister B. She was on a mini mission in Salt Lake City before she was given the call to come to Baltimore. So what better companion to have? I mean she has already been a missionary! She is from Farmington. My roommates and the other companionship of sisters in my district is what gets me through. We love each other so much and have really learned to help each other. I was having a bit of a hard time with being patient last night and Sister Schofield just reminded me that I have been put with certain people for a certain reason and that I can do what my heavenly father asked of me. I was having a hard time like I said being patient with my companion and then it hit me how selfish I am really being. SOOO selfish. I was so concerned about being late, and impressing teachers with being on time and things i have learned, and finding just the right lesson for our investigator mike ( which is really our teacher, but we teach him like he is a progressing investigator so that is kind of cool). But i realized last night while praying that I need to be selfless and help sister b with her time here at the MTC. I am not going to lie and say it is all easy. It is already the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but I am so thankful to my heavenly father for blessing me with this experience and for trusting me. and also for giving me situations in the past that have prepared me for this.
I have learned tons already! It blows my mind how the simple fundamentals of the gospel that I always thought were so clear, become so abstract to me here. There is so much depth even behind the little things. hahaha I just have to tell you one of my teachers looks exactly like Gavin but has a british accent. And that's all I am going to say about that. I really have been so focused and I truly have left behind the worldly things and focused on my mission. I know that I have been given the authority to be a missionary and its crazy cool when I really take advantage of that promise. It's like words just start coming out that I have never even thought of before.
But continue praying for me! I need every prayer I can get. The lord has given me a huge challenge and so far I have done okay and I get excited but than I remember, it's day 4. haha. So every night please pray for me to have patience with my companion and that I can show love and charity towards her. I literally do everything I can for her cause sometimes its hard for her. Like this morning I woke up 30 minutes early with here to make it to personal study on time ( we are ALWAYS late) and ...sure enough we were still late. I even made her bed for her. But I am learning to love here more and more each day. I really do love her!
Have you ordered my bike yet? Also you really should send me a phone card for the airport because it can cost up to 20.00 there to make a five minuted phione call! I got your package today :) and I love it. and your Dear Elder. Thank you! I love getting mail it just makes all the hard stuff of the day seem okay. Ashie and Kade I love you and miss you lots. Good luck at cheer tryouts, you will be amazing! Meg sent me a letter too! so hopefully I will have time to get back to her today. I mean its P day but we are still sooo incredibly busy here. I need to send grandma a letter too. :) Tell everyone that I love them and uhhh listen to some fun. for me kade. I heard an Eagles song today in the mailroom playing and my ears thought they had been to heaven and back haha. That was the first time I have heard music since I have gotten here, and I told everyone with me I was gonna remember that song for the rest of my life haha.
Alright be safe :) and i love you
Sister Fullmer

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