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Odenton, Maryland 03/18/2013

Hey family :)
So I am hoping you are on the computer right now cause if you are we can email back and forth! Odenton Maryland how do I sum it up...haha everyone here is not white. There is some really rich parts of town and some really poor parts! the garbages are yellow which means I obviously am supposed to be here :)
My companion is Sister Long. It's crazy that she is already a trainer and has only been out six weeks. She is awesome, we both have alot in common. Sometimes I can tell we both have really strong personalities though so I just need to lay back some. My apartment is the most ghetto thing I have EVER seen. haha its funny though because it feels like home. The wheather has been nice here so far. somedays we have to wear a coat and other days its pretty warm! We have to share the car every other week with the Elders in a different area so this week we get to walk and ride everywhere. I forgot to take a picture of my bike but it is a real beauty. I can't wait to ride it! When I first got off the plane in Baltimore sister Richards just ran and gave us a huge hug. :) I felt so welcomed. The first night we slept in a hotel and I was able to hand out my first pass a long card to Claudio the Phillipian/Italian man. He was so friendly :) It was my first experience really talking to someone about the gospel.
On the plane I sat by all missionaries so I didn't get the chance on the plane. But when I first got off the airplane I just felt like everyone we passed was looking at my name tag. It feels so good to be a representative of Jesus Christ. The next day we had transfer meeting where I met sister Long. Like I said before she is way cool :). We both are super hard workers so that is good. We drove back to the partment and unpacked. Then we went to the grocery store....I don't even know what to get. I have ate Kashi cereal for the last few days but haha I can't continue doing that forever! Way too much fiber haha. I also realized that I am going to need more food so brands like Kashi are just a tad out of my leauge haha. they give us 155 dollars a month to spend on all personal items and groceries. That first night we met a new investigator named Anton! He was the only guy home so we talked him in to coming outside for the lesson since it was my first day. We also are teaching a family that wants to get baptized! A single mom and her 3 kids. We are hoping to take them to the temple visitor center this week. Total we met 12 new investigators since we first started together which has been a blessing. We are teaching a 50 year old man that is super smart in the gospel. We read the 3 witness, 8 witness, and jospeh smith testimony with him which really uplifted both him and me! How could the Book of Mormon not be true! You all should read it! This man came to church on sunday too! The ward is super young, but there are alot of really friendly families.
Sister Long and Me, and my first Ritas - Better than Zeppes!
I already taught my first "drunk" lesson. There was this family we met one day that let us in to talk. Her teenage girls were super interested but not so much the mom which was a real bummer. she wouldn't let them come to church. The mom had two friends over though at the time. Both of which were drunk. He told me he climbed on top of the angel moroni at the D.C. temple. It was funny, and I knew we were safe. don't worry. I definantly have to listen to the spirit alot out here to discern where and where not to go. We are super obedient to not get to any unsafe situations.
Over the weekend I had my first missionary meal haha. We got invited to a members house and when we get there the place is just covered in cats haha. and sister long is allergic. So anyways we go sit down and there is these grey lumpy balls of dough and gravy and saur krat for dinner. Let me mention there was cat hair in all of it! hahaha. on the walls, in the food, cat food on the table! yummy :) haha to top it off after I said the closing prayer she looked up at me in all seriousness and asked if she could be sealed to her cats for all time and eternity. Even the "normal people" here are way more out there than anyone I have ever met. Yesterday we felt like we need to stop at a less active girls house. she wasn't there but her dad was. He let us in and we were able to teach him the restoration. At the end he said how he was in an addiction recovery class and how that day he had been reading in the book how he needed to become closer to god and give god his will. and then we knocked :) coinsidense...I don't think so. we get to go back and teach him today!
so far my time has been wonderful! some days are really hard and other are super fun and you feel the blessing pouring out! keep praying for me I really need it. and have family home evening. I just feel like I need to tell you to do this :) I love you guys! Sorry I can't individually email you all back I just have a ton to say! Please write me so I get stuff in the week! and friends too! haha my address is 1223 Scot's Manor Apartments # A Odenton, MD 21113 :) love you all and miss you!

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