Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey Family :) I just wanted to send you a quick story that I loved from a book I was reading called Believing in Christ. Read it if you haven't. It tells a parable about a little girl that asks her dad for a bike. he tells her that if she saves up all her pennies that he will take her to buy a bike. So she saves up and a week later asks her dad to take her to the bike store. She runs in and finds the bike and just falls in love with it. she jumps right on and rides it around the shop :) she then turns the tag over to see that it was way more pennies then she had ever could have saved. she hangs her head and starts to cry. 
The dad waited a moment and then decided to present a new plan...he asked her how many pennies she had. she responded with 61 cents! he then says...i tell you give me all you have and i will make up the difference. it is the same with savior and the atonement. no matter how much we have, whether is is 61 cents or a dollar he will always make up the difference. :) this story really hit home.
I pray for all you to have missionary moments :) so much of missionary work is done by serving and friend shipping! remember that if you do this, He will bless you with your very own miracles.
Love you! 

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