Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hola mi familia :)
What an incredible week! We had another baptism! His name is Jeremy H. and he is 18 years old. He has such a special place in my heart..i know that I was meant to meet him and that I promised long before we were here that i would find him. He is one of those 3 week miracle converts you here all about from RM's haha. We met him...3 weeks ago! The other cute girl (besides my companion) in the picture is Adrielle. They have been dating for awhile and both have been going to Shepherd. She was raised in the church. Jeremy was curious what Mormons were all about so he asked her and she answered few of the questions and then he took the responsibility upon himself...which i think is SO cool! He got on mormon.org and lds.org and started getting alot of his questions answered. He started talking to online missionaries and even started reading the Book of Mormon. When we finally talked Adri into introducing us to him we were so excited! haha we brought a BOM to give to him and then found out he had already read most of it. then we were so excited when he came to church to show him around...turns out he had already been three times! All we had to do was invite him to be baptized. He immediately said that he knew it was time. We quickly reviewed all of the lessons with him and he was baptized on Saturday! Jesse G. ( I have mentioned the his family alot in emails I think but this is a brother that was at BYU I which automatically makes him cool.) but he came home for awhile in between semesters and we was able to baptize jeremy. they were both so excited.
The spirit was so strong at his baptism! Adri spoke and many member got up to share there testimonies. we had 35 people there to support him! it was an incredible week.
I am working on this little project and I would loveeee if anyone who reads this would participate! I just am looking for a short written version of everyones testimony! :) please and thank you.
much loves.
sister Fullmer

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